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Premium Suede Felt Edge Squeegee

The best squeegee ever we produced. Designed for car wrapping.

Birken Felt Edge Squeegee

Strong, wear off and water proof. Best seller squeegee.

Merken Edge Squeegee

Natural wool felt edge squeegee. Organic.

Plastic Squeegee

Plastic squeegee with low friction, produced for fast and functional usage.

Suede Edge Squeegee (Lite)

Soft touch, smooth suede felt squeegee. Made for car wrapping and sensitive works.

Birken Edge Squeegee (Lite)

Economical alternative of Birken felt edge squeegee. Thin plastic.

Merken Edge Squeegee (Lite)

Economical alternative of Merken felt edge squeegee. Thin plastic.

Plastic Squeegee (Lite)

The best choice of those looking for an affordable squeegee. Ideal solution for quick works.

Natural Block Squeegee

German made pure natural block felt squeegee. Your strong assistant in rough work.

Detail Squeegee

Detail squeegee, half the size of standard squeegee. Made for wrap small areas.

Squeegee Strip

110 cm felt strip for plastic squeegee.

Squeegee Buffer

Self adhesive squeegee felt, buffer.

It's Your Branded Squeegee!

Order customized branded squeegee now.
Your logo will become appear eveywhere, you could give it to your clients as a gift. It’s a nice gift.

Features of Wrap Tools

The materials we use are original and our R&D engineers are improving plastic and felt technology. 

Smart Plastic

Original, resistant, strong raw material.


Optimum flexible provides detail works and durability.

Soft Touch

Clean and pure material for soft touch feeling when application.

Stratch Free

Highly smooth edges, even on matte vinyls.


No dirt, no cheap material, our plastics are hold microbes.

Customize Logo

Special logos on your squeegee with laser technology.