Premium Suede RX Felt Edge Squeegee

The best we have produced. Especially designed and developed for car wrapping.


€ 3,70

Sizes: 10,6×7,3 cm
*Visit product for color options.

Strong Structure
Soft Touch

Make Premium Works

Premium squeegee has special material that you can use on chrome foils. It provides very sensitive touch and smoothness.  It has designed for exclusive car wrap works.

At the same time it has durable structure, it doesn’t release itself, applicators use it very efficiently.

Just For You!

Car wrapping is the choice of users who wear it. If you want to finish your work in quality, your first tool is SkyWrap Premium Felt Edge Squeegee.

With its durable structure with thick body, it provides long-term use and contributes to more control of squeegee. It is produced with special plastic raw material and has optimum flexibility.

At the same time it doesnt hold microbes.

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