Birken Felt Edge Squeegee

The most durable, non wear felt. 


€ 1,60

Sizes: 10,6×7,3 cm
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Non Wear Felt
Wet Surface

Meet with Non Wear Felt.

Birken felt edge wet squeegee, claims to be the longest lasting squeegee ever made. A special material that having many specific features sewn on the smart plastic.

The special resistance to abrasion of the Birken felt increases the life of the felt considerably. It has become the most durable material with this feature.

The biggest disadvantage of standart felt edge squeegees is that the dusts accumulated in the felt will draw the foil which has been processed over time.

  • Water repellent
  • Dust-free
  • Sewing method
  • Long life buffer
  • Smart plastic

The best at P/P.

A durable squeegee that can be used for a long time will be with you in all conditions. Its affordable price and the durability it offers make Birken felt raged indispensable.

With its durable structure with thick body, it provides long-term use and contributes to more control of ragley. It is produced with special plastic raw material and has optimum flexibility.

At the same time, with its antibacterial structure, germs and bacteria cannot survive on it.

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