How do you figure out better squeegee?

How do you figure out better squeegee?

There are much more types of squeegee, right? So, have you ever think why there are much squeegee? Every squeegee has produced to solved any problem, go into details, apply wide surfaces, magnetics and so on… But is it necessary?

Installers have lots of choice about squeegees, so how will you choise to better squeegee?

First of all, of course it depends purpose of using it, will you wrap a vehicle or apply to vinyl, it depends on where you use it.

Secondly, You must pay attention which vinyl do you use? Matte, chrome, window tint. Special foils and vinyls are quite sensitive to scratch and if you use ordinary squeegee, probably you will see some scratchs after apply.

In other point is which place do you use it? Curved, flat, big area, details, wet surface or dry surface. Hardness of squeegee is important for that.

Felt edge squeegee: 

Felt-edge squeegees are perfect tool for car wraps, cause it is stracth-free even if you apply aggressively, also its flexible enough to work a vinyl graphic into tight corners and  around difficult curves. Felt-edge squeegees are available for every type of foil and vinyls. Standart hard tools that have just only plastic, can stratch to foil. But felt edge squeegees has soft felt and absolutely stratch-free with it.

Birken felt edge squeegee has special felt. Water resist, dust-free. More information;

Felt Squeegee:

Pure felt squeegees has natural structure and doesnt have sharpened corner. So its not available all the time for wrappers who work at cars, vehicles. However some applicators are just working with window films, of course they want to softer squeegee related with it. Also I should say that its not available for wet surfaces. Cause natural structure of felt doesnt resistant to water.

For more information about Merken felt squeegee;


Plastic Squeegee:

Plastic squeegees are used by many applicators, cause its cheap and useful. Able to find all colors of squeegees. Wrappers and applicators prefer it for wrapping car, they use easily in tiny details and curves. The best known is Gold squeegee by 3M.

For more information about Birken plastic squeegee;

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