Suede Felt Edge Squeegee

Alcantara suede felt provides a smooth experience with its superior performance even in chrome foils.


€ 1,99

Sizes: 10,3×7,6 cm
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Good Edges
strong self-adhesive
wet surface

great smoothness.

Developed with soft textured Alcantara felt for a completely smooth vinyl application experience.

It provides perfect fluidity in the most sensitive vehicle wrapping and vinyl applications.

  • Velvet texture
  • High precision
  • Softness that does not scratch
  • Tear resistance

Fast & Flexible.

The developed suede felt is glued to the plastic with the strongest adhesive, even if it gets wet, you will not experience situations such as throwing it over the plastic. This feature distinguishes it from others.

A thin felt structure allows you to transfer the pressure to the foil in a higher way during foil application, helping you to achieve sharp things.

The squeegee, which has successfully passed the wear tests, will continue to give high performance in long-term use.

Its main purpose is vehicle wrapping and small vinyl application places.

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