Vehicle wrapping equipments

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What do you need to wrap a vehicle? Do you think just vinyl or film? No.

You need lots of supplies to wrap vehicle completely so you could do great works with it. Will you full wrap or part, it doesnt matter, you have to have some materials to do it. However dont forget that the most important is technical ability in wrapping car.

Talented car wrappers make differences with their technical skill and their tools. What are those equipments?


Cleaning Solution: One of the most important vehicle wrapping equipments is cleaning solution to clean surface of vehicle before applying. Cleaning solution has critical importance for foil adhesion, otherwise foil doesnt stick completely to surface of vehicle and begin to remove. There are industrial soltions for these situations. We suggest to use Merken Cleaning Solution to clean all dusts on maximum level.



Knife:The utility knife which is one of the most used tools, is also useful in our daily life. Especially in order to cut the foil during the tool coating process, knife-sharp, high quality steel knife blades should be preferred.






Glove: Recently wear wrap gloves have used more and more popular.







Tape:The coating tapes are functional and very often used in large works in order to properly cover the overflowing parts of the film and mask unwanted areas.






Cutting Tape: 3M has a patent they call Knifeless, the Knifeless cutting tape makes the job of the vehicle builders much easier. It reduces the fluctuations caused by the utility knife to zero, although it is not widely used, it provides a monolithic appearance of the foil joints.





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Squeegee: Perhaps the most important tool in this regard. It is one of the most basic materials for foil wrapping. One of the important points to consider when choosing squeegee is whether it causes damage to the foil. The roughness of the raw material from the original raw material has a high risk of stratching the foil. It is recommended to use the Birken Felt Edge Wet Squeegee in vehicle and vehicle wrapping works,




Heat Gun: It is one of the main tools that provide stretching of the foil on the curved edges of the surface to be wraped. Only applicators are available with heater and squeegee, but you still prefer to use other tools to finish your work faster without risking it.

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