Detail Squeegee


Deatil Squeegee

Plastic squeegee that produced by original first class raw material, has special stratch free edges.


€ 5,90

Size: 5,3×7,6 cm  (2″x3″)
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Strong Body
Stratch Free

Details are ımportant.

It is designed to easily reach narrow areas in foil application and especially vehicle coverings, and to cover the sensitive application points.

It takes the air gap of small details in vehicle coverings without damaging the foil and provides a healthy foil coating.

Size: 5,3×7,6 cm (2″x3″) 

Small but functional.

Its small size allows you to reach details, especially in door handles, folds and concave areas.

Recommended for use in dry areas.

At the same time, with its antibacterial structure, germs and bacteria cannot survive on it.

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