Merken Felt Edge Squeegee

keçeli ragle

Merken Felt Edge Squeegee

The pure felt of Merken squeegee was cleaned with oxygen and it has become dust-free. Its much softer and smoother than any felt.

Merken natural felt recognized commonly used by almost all applicators in Turkey. It frequently uses for small vinyl applications.

Merken felt stickts to smart plastic with strong tape, also we use the sewing method for long-term use.

It holds the micro dusts on the foil over time due to the natural hairy structure of the felt. Therefore, it isnt recommended to use it for a long time to protect foil. Beside it isnt suitable to wash the felt to clear of dusts.

  • Clear wool fibers
  • Functional using
  • Strong tape + sewing method
  • Smart plastic

Size: 10,3×7,6 cm

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