Application Tools

Premium Alcantara felt has designed for smooth application experience. It provides excellent smoothness at sensitive car wrapping works. Feel the smoothness. 

Strong and long life. Stitched Birken felt is the strongest material as squeegee. Applicatiors could use on wet surfaces and dusty areas. Fast and functional.


German engineering and softness of natural wool. This original natural felt provides more and more softness for applicatiors. Choise of talented sign makers. 

Block Felt

Totally natural wool felt. Original pressed wool felt provides flexibility and long life usage. Especially it works well on glass applications.

Vinyl Application Tools

Explore our application tools to reach high performance when you window tinting.

We work with global window film and vinyl producers.

What would you expect from a sign tool?

Which features do you need a for a good squeegee?


Alcantara felts provides %100 sensitive touch on car wrapping.


Merken wool felt felt helps to get high performance while application. Fast and functional.

Sensitive touch.

Our purpose is create the best vinyl application experience for sign makers. We are working to improve felt technology to create  nice feeling when you touch to the vinyl with our squeegees.


Could be printed logo, brand on plastic or choose color of plastic and felt.