OKC Reklam is a corporate firm that produce sign supplies for global outdoor sign and digital printing market since 2008.

Our expertise is felt edge squeegee, we are working to reach to make smoother squeegees for vinyls. Vinyl producers, sign suppliers, car wrapping, sign making and window tinting companies are our business partners. 

We have an approach that focuses on customer satisfaction along our commercial life. We are working with significant companies of sign sector because of we never leave from our quality line.

OKC Reklam is the leader plastic squeegee manufacturer of Europe with advanced machine parkour and doing exportation activities to european sign suppliers. 

In 2018, we began to provide service fastly with new investment production factory.  After all, we have %80 of marketshare in Turkey and we have 24 distributors in 7 countries. 



We are trying to solution for sign and digital industry. We seek to provide better quality services as an expert in the sign supplies that needed by the sign sector.

Our products;